Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Limited Edition, PlayStation 5

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $39.99.

• Limited Edition of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora for PlayStation 5
• Includes the Sarentu Hunter Equipment Pack with exclusive weapon and character gear set
• Embark on a first-person adventure in the untouched Western Frontier of Pandora
• Customize your Na’vi character and upgrade skills and weapons
• Experience a beautiful yet dangerous open world
• Ally with tribes to protect Pandora from the RDA
• Ubisoft game with English language support
• Teen rating
• Released on June 12, 2023
• Available at the Ubisoft Store
• Dimensions: 6.72 x 5.35 x 0.67 inches; Weight: 2.89 ounces

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $39.99.

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Embark on an unparalleled adventure as you step into the shoes of a Na’vi on a poignant journey back to their roots in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Experience the struggle for freedom while facing the oppressive RDA forces, all set against the Western Frontier’s otherworldly backdrop. After 15 years of captivity, it’s time to reclaim your heritage and become a beacon of hope for your clan.

Exclusive Limited Edition Benefits

  • Limited Edition Content: Dive into the action with the Sarentu Hunter Equipment Pack. This Amazon exclusive set features a unique weapon and a distinctive character gear set.

Availability is limited, so act quickly to secure your copy and enhance your Na’vi warrior’s prowess!

Important Notices

Ubisoft Account and Internet Connection: To enjoy Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you’ll need to create a Ubisoft account. An internet connection is essential to download initial patches, access online features, and unlock extra content. After the mandatory first-day patch, an offline mode will be available.

Game and Software Details:

  • Title Rights: Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora TM & © 2023 20th Century Studios.
  • Game Software: © 2023 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved.

What Awaits You in Pandora?

  • Majestic Frontier: Set foot in an awe-inspiring yet treacherous new continent, bursting with endemic life and unforeseen dangers.
  • Become the Na’vi: Unleash your potential by customizing your character. Craft equipment, upgrade your skills, and tailor your weapons to suit your unique style.
  • Bonding with Banshees: Form a connection with a personal banshee to gain an advantage in the skies, a vital mode of transport across the Western Frontier.
  • Versatile Combat: Master an array of combat techniques. Choose the precision of ancestral Na’vi weapons like bows or spear-throwers, or adopt human weaponry such as rifles or shotguns for greater firepower.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to experience the untamed beauty and thrilling challenges of Pandora. Take flight on this epic journey and become the hero the Na’vi need!

Specification: Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Limited Edition, PlayStation 5

Release date

December 7, 2023

Package Dimensions

6.72 x 5.35 x 0.67 inches; 2.89 Ounces

Type of item

Video Game





Item Weight

2.89 ounces



Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 12, 2023


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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Limited Edition, PlayStation 5
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Limited Edition, PlayStation 5

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $39.99.

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