Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – PlayStation 5


• Explore the 5 main boroughs of the city to hit graffiti spots and get REP.
• Find new members to join your crew around the city.
• Paint new graffiti pieces, customize outfits, and play music on your flip phone.
• Use skateboarding, inline skating, or BMX tricks in the unique environment-based trick system.
• Extend combos with manuals and incorporate special Boost Tricks.
• Experience a futuristic universe with breakdancing, mural-tagging, and confrontations with law enforcement.
• Uncover the mystery of Red’s decapitation and his connection to graffiti.
• Navigate the city to challenge rival crews to a Crew Battle.
• Enjoy a progressively aggressive police response as you deface the environment.


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Master the Streets of New Amsterdam

Prepare to immerse yourself in the electrifying universe of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, crafted by Team Reptile with the visionary creativity of Dion Koster. In this vibrant world, graffiti artists adorned in boostpacks battle for dominance over the urban landscape. Claim your space, create your crew, and skate the line between art and conflict in an epic quest to solidify your legacy.

Red’s Quest for Identity

Red, a trailblazing graffiti writer, navigates the city with a cybernetic head after a mysterious incident. On a journey to uncover his origins, he links up with the Bomb Rush Crew, alongside Tryce and Bel. Their goal: to rise to fame as the top graffiti syndicate by conquering the city’s districts, ultimately unveiling the enigma of Red’s past and the deep connection between his humanity and the world of graffiti art.

Build Your Crew and Conquer

  • Embark on expeditions across five diverse boroughs to hit the most iconic graffiti locations and gain the respect—REP—you need to challenge competitive crews.
  • Recruit talented artists into your crew, discover fresh graffiti designs to embellish the city, mix and match outfit colors and bump to new beats on your flip phone.

Skate, Trick, and Freestyle

  • Engage in exhilarating skateboarding, fierce inline skating, or thrilling BMX action using an environment-driven trick system unique to Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
  • Chain your moves with manuals, and boost your scores with special Boost Tricks to maximize your style and speed across the streets.

The Thrill of the Rush

The heart of your performance is powered by boost. Long combos not only turn heads but propel you forward with breakneck momentum. Speed and flair are one and the same in the gritty playgrounds of New Amsterdam. And beware—the dynamic militarized police force escalates in response to your artistic endeavors, adding a layer of adrenaline-pumping risk to every spray-painted signature.

Are you ready to etch your mark in a city teeming with expression, rhythm, and the pulse of competition? Join the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and make the metropolis your canvas.

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – PlayStation 5
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – PlayStation 5


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