EA SPORTS UFC 5 – PlayStation 5


• Unparalleled authenticity with true-to-life character likenesses and high-fidelity environments
• Real Impact System brings intensity and strategy to combat
• Cuts and strikes can affect mobility, defense, stamina, and more
• Seamless Submissions improve grappling exchanges
• UFC 5 constantly updates with new content and quests synchronized with actual UFC events
• Alter Egos introduce novel variants of combatants monthly
• Requires web connection and online service subscription


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Embark on the most realistic fighting experience to date with EA SPORTS UFC 5 for PlayStation 5. Utilizing the Frostbite engine’s cutting-edge technology, this game elevates the visual realism of your most cherished fighters and delivers high-fidelity environments that set the stage for intense Octagon battles.

Next-Level Visual Fidelity

  • Unparalleled Character Likeness: Every in-game fighter is meticulously crafted to match the real-world counterpart, ensuring an authentic gameplay experience.
  • Environment Realism: The detailed settings will transport you directly into the electric atmosphere of a Pay-Per-View (PPV) main event.

The Real Impact System

Feeling every punch and kick, the Real Impact System takes fight dynamics to new heights. With this immersive system:

  • Gameplay becomes even more intense and strategic.
  • Cuts and absorbed strikes can alter fighters’ mobility, defense, stamina, and other aspects of combat.
  • Sustaining excessive damage might result in a fight stoppage by the medical team.

Groundbreaking Gameplay Innovations

  • Seamless Submissions: Revamped grappling dynamics provide a smooth, realistic ground game experience.
  • Cinematic K.O. Replays: Relive your most devastating K.O.s with dramatic, detail-rich replays that celebrate your victories.

Continuous Content Updates

Stay engaged with the ever-evolving world of UFC:

  • Enjoy new Fight Week content, features, and challenges synced with real-world UFC events each month.
  • Explore Alter Egos of your preferred fighters, offering new variations to test out monthly.

Note: Some features may require an internet connection and an online subscription.

Join the elite ranks of UFC enthusiasts and experience the groundbreaking evolution of the fight game with EA SPORTS UFC 5. Are you ready to dominate the Octagon?


Specification: EA SPORTS UFC 5 – PlayStation 5


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EA SPORTS UFC 5 – PlayStation 5
EA SPORTS UFC 5 – PlayStation 5


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