NBA 2K21 – PlayStation 4


• NBA 2K21 is the latest release in the best-selling NBA 2K series
• Offers improvements in gameplay, online features, and game modes
• MyCAREER mode allows players to embark on a cinematic basketball journey
• MyTEAM mode lets players create their ultimate NBA dream team
• NEIGHBORHOOD mode offers a vibrant virtual basketball community
• Features top-tier gameplay with enhanced visuals and player intelligence
• Includes a fresh MyCAREER story and an unveiled neighborhood scene
• Showcases current fashion and music from top global artists
• Celebrates the heritage of USA Basketball with classic teams and MyPLAYER apparel.


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NBA 2K21 represents the newest installment in the universally acclaimed, top-selling NBA 2K franchise. Boasting thrilling enhancements in its gameplay of unbeatable quality, online features fostering competition and community, as well as rich and diverse gaming modes, NBA 2K21 promises unparalleled engagement with every aspect of NBA basketball and its culture – where Everything is Game. In NBA 2K21, both veteran players and newcomers will encounter a range of engaging gaming modes that promise an extensive basketball experience: MyCAREER – Start a unique, film-like basketball odyssey aimed at reaching the pinnacle: the National Basketball Association. Develop your personalized MyPLAYER and guide them to the zenith of their career and fame, establishing your personal brand in the international basketball scene. MyTEAM – Craft the ultimate NBA dream team with current stars and historical figures and pit them against the globe. Discover unique and highly coveted player cards by taking part in several profitable gaming events and accepting daily and weekly challenges, then see how your painstakingly gathered collection stacks up against your peers and rivals. NEIGHBORHOOD – Experience your everyday virtual basketball life in a vibrant neighborhood that’s always buzzing and perpetually brimming with activities. Engage in 3v3 streetball clashes with your group or take on greater challenges in 5v5 ProAm matches. Seek out the latest in sneaker and fashion releases. Advance your MyPLAYER’s skills at a nearby training center. Basketball is ceaseless in your NEIGHBORHOOD, and Everything is Game. MyGM/MyLEAGUE – Assume the role of the top executive, and make pivotal decisions affecting not just your player or team, but the entire franchise and league. Whether you’re drafting promising new talent, trading athletes, or relocating your team, each decision, large or minor, contributes to the enduring prosperity – or downfall – of your basketball empire. PLAY NOW – Dive into straightforward basketball action, where you can arrange a swift game against an opponent or the AI, and battle through 4 quarters of hardcore NBA 2K basketball. Select your beloved team – or perhaps opt for a Classic or All-Time squad – and dominate the offense with controls and customization that set the standard. This is genuine NBA fervor. MORE LIFELIKE THAN EVER – NBA 2K21 pushes the envelope with enhancements across visual presentation, player intelligence, gaming modes, and more, sustaining its place as the most genuine, realistic basketball gaming experience. Sense the crowd’s vitality, the ferocity of NBA clashes, and the allure of the premier sports gaming product available today. TOP-TIER GAMEPLAY – Experience unmatched prowess when handling the ball with the sophisticated Pro Stick. Perfect your jump shots and layups for an innovative level of accuracy and artistry, and unlock fresh signature dribbling techniques that elevate your ball handling efficiency. YOUR G.O.A.T. ROSTER – Amass the definitive compilation of present NBA figures and all-time greats in MyTEAM, and measure your prowess against other passionate collectors across the globe. An initiative in 2K21, time-limited Seasons deliver exclusive rewards as you partake in both familiar and novel MyTEAM modes. FRESH MyCAREER STORY – Rise from high school-level play to one of ten authentic college programs and beyond, into the major leagues, in an all-new cinematic MyCAREER saga. Propel your MyPLAYER to prominence with important plays on the court and significant strides off it, and craft a legacy in this exhilarating narrative. UNVEILED NEIGHBORHOOD SCENE – Bask in the sunshine as you show off in 1v1s, 3v3s, and 5v5s; the fresh Neighborhood in 2K21 takes your talents to the shoreline with completely revamped visuals and design. Exhibit your moves & fashion in the Park, bond with a team in Pro-Am, and secure prizes in the dynamic 2K Compete Events. ALL CURRENT FASHION AND MUSIC – Dress the part of a true baller with the latest fashion and sneaker offerings from your favorite clothing, accessory, and shoe brands. Meanwhile, immerse yourself in the dynamic 2K21 sound environment, featuring current top global artists and up-and-coming musicians poised for discovery. USA BASKETBALL – Cherish the storied heritage of USA Basketball. Hit the hardwood with classic teams, acquire MyTEAM cards spotlighting previous idols, and exhibit your national pride with MyPLAYER apparel.

NBA 2K21 is the latest entry in the globally celebrated, chart-topping NBA 2K saga.
Featuring thrilling upgrades to its unsurpassed gameplay, features that support both competitive and communal online play, and expansive, diverse modes of play, NBA 2K21 delivers a singularly immersive dive into all elements of NBA basketball and culture – where Everything is Game.
MyCAREER – Embark upon a distinct, narrative-driven basketball escapade aiming for the ultimate goal: The National Basketball Association.
MyTEAM – Construct your G.O.A.T. NBA fantasy lineup with the current superstars and revered legends and take on adversaries across the globe.
NEIGHBORHOOD – Immerse in a digital, daily basketball routine in an active, all-hours neighborhood.

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NBA 2K21 – PlayStation 4
NBA 2K21 – PlayStation 4


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