Nerf Legends – PlayStation 5


• Extreme games meet NERF in avant-garde, science fiction settings like Fortress Siege, Jungle Trouble, Ragnarok, and Spaceport Blastoff!
• 15 Authentic NERF Blasters from the Mega, Ultra, and Elite lines!
• Customize your Blaster with upgradable perks and Skins!
• Collect dart power-ups to change the tide of battles!
• Solo campaign with 15 robotic enemy types and 5 boss confrontations!
• Engaging challenges including trials, trick shots, puzzles, and navigation tasks.


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Welcome to Nerf Legends, a thrilling journey that propels you into an enthralling futuristic and sci-fi universe. Get ready to confront an army of robotic adversaries and face the ultimate boss masters in high-stakes battles.

Step into the shoes of a Nerf warrior and arm yourself with an arsenal of iconic NERF blasters. These aren’t ordinary weapons; they mirror the renowned NERF toys in style but pack a formidable digital punch. You will need a mixture of skill, strategy, and a steady hand to hit difficult, airborne trick shots, whether you’re navigating mysterious environments or battling for supremacy.

Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned a Nerf Legend? Prove your worth and master your marksmanship in this fast-paced, exhilarating game.

Game Features:

  • Otherworldly Locations: Traverse incredible stages like Fortress Siege, Jungle Trouble, Ragnarok, and Spaceport Blastoff.
  • Wide Array of Blasters: Choose from 15 Authentic NERF Blasters across the Mega, Ultra, and Elite lines.
  • Upgradable Perks & Skins: Customize your arsenal with unique skins and enhance your firepower with various perks.
  • Dart Power-Ups: Gain an edge with dart modifiers such as magnetic push, magnetic pull, seeker darts, and the power to slow down time.
  • Engaging Single-Player Campaign: Battle against 15 different types of enemy robots and push your limits in 5 challenging boss battles.
  • Varied Gameplay: Engage in trials, pull off awe-inspiring trick shots, tackle puzzles, and navigate through tricky terrain.

Nerf Legends isn’t just about having the best blaster; it’s about using it with precision, creativity, and style. Prepare yourself to face obstacles and enemies that will challenge not just your reflexes, but also your thinking and problem-solving skills.

Are you ready to embark on this intense adventure and leave your mark in the NERF universe? Pick up your blaster and step into the realm where only the skilled can survive and become legends.

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Nerf Legends – PlayStation 5
Nerf Legends – PlayStation 5


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