RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection — PlayStation 4


• Two versions: Includes both the original arcade versions and the new HD versions of RayStorm and RayCrisis
• Engaging atmosphere: Stunning 3D polygon landscapes, striking art style, and vibrant colors
• Strategic gameplay: Choose from a diverse selection of impressive ships with unique abilities
• Immersive music: Soundtrack composed by Taito’s legendary sound team ZUNTATA
• Challenging bosses: Precisely pinpoint and defeat the formidable Con-Human
• Four games in one: Experience a total of four games in one package
• Suitable for Everyone 10plus
• Compact and lightweight design: 6.65 x 5.35 x 0.55 inches, 3.1 ounces


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Explore Distant Universes

In RayStorm, humanity’s expansion reaches the distant arm of Orion, with space colonies scattered throughout. However, peace is shattered when the Secilia colony leads a coup, threatening Earth’s very existence. The countermeasure: a stealth fighter called R-Gray. As a player, you will embark on a dangerous mission to penetrate Secilia and destroy the central system, prohibiting the obliteration of Earth.

Cybernetic Rebellion

In RayCrisis, you enter a world dominated by the sentient supercomputer Con-Human, which has turned against humanity. The Earth is on the brink of remaking, but a mecha-neurologist refuses to submit. Taking the form of Waverider viruses, you must navigate the virtual heart of Con-Human, halting its madness and saving reality from its digital destruction.

Key Features

  • Variety of Play: Embrace both the original arcade and upgraded HD versions of RayStorm and RayCrisis.
  • Visual and Auditory Immersion: 3D polygonal landscapes, vibrant art style, and the fitting soundtrack crafted by ZUNTATA.
  • Strategic Selection: A fleet of unique ships at your disposal, each boasting special abilities essential for Earth’s defense.
  • Know Your Enemy: Precision and skill in targeting enemies. Tackle challenging bosses to prevent Con-Human’s schemes.
  • Defend History: Your prowess in combat is humanity’s last stand against its foes. Engage in intense levels and fight to save Earth.

RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection is an intricate game that requires sharp shooting skills and strategic prowess. Are you ready to challenge yourself and become the hero humanity needs?

Specification: RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection — PlayStation 4

Release date

June 30, 2023

Package Dimensions

6.65 x 5.35 x 0.55 inches; 3.1 Ounces

Type of item

Video Game




Everyone 10plus

Item Weight

3.1 ounces



Date First Available

February 26, 2023


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RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection — PlayStation 4
RayStorm X RayCrisis HD Collection — PlayStation 4


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