Resident Evil 4 – PS5


• Reawaken a Classic – Resident Evil 4 preserves the essence of the original game, now reconstructed using Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine to deliver realistic visuals and additional narrative depth to the iconic story that was not possible at the time of the original release.
• Modernized Gameplay – The team from 2019’s Resident Evil 2 returns to build upon the series’ modern approach to survival horror. Engage in frenzied combat with the Ganados villagers, explore a European village gripped by madness, and solve puzzles to access new areas and collect useful items for Leon and Ashley’s constant struggle to survive.
• Overwhelming Hordes – Face hordes of rabid enemies that threaten to overwhelm Leon with even more diverse methods of attack than in the original release.
• Endure on a Knife’s Edge – Utilize Leon’s knife to evade harm, dodge enemies, and execute precise finishing moves on vulnerable foes.
• Polished Visuals – Stunningly lifelike visuals in 4K, complete with magnificent lighting and pooling shadows.
• Attached at the Hip – The iconic attaché case returns, enabling Leon to manage items and resources more efficiently.
• Desirable Things on Offer – Beloved characters and gameplay systems return with enhancements, including weapon customization and trading in gems for various items.


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Rediscover a Classic

Revitalized Storytelling: The pivotal Resident Evil 4 experience is reenvisioned using Capcom’s state-of-the-art RE Engine, enhancing the visual fidelity and adding intricate depth to the story, a feat that wasn’t achievable with the technology available during the original release.

Gameplay Evolution

Modernized Controls and Combat: Building on the success of the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake, the development team has refined the series’ approach to survival horror. Engage in intense battles with the Ganados, navigate through a European village rife with insanity, and solve elaborate puzzles to unlock new areas, while constantly scavenging for items to aid Leon and Ashley’s survival.

Against Overwhelming Odds

Survival against Hordes: Encounter relentless enemies with a diverse array of attack strategies, designed to overwhelm Leon unlike anything seen in the original release.

The Art of the Knife

Knife Mastery: Leon’s intensive training has honed his skills with the blade. Utilizing advanced knife techniques, players can parry ferocious attacks to avoid critical damage, escape the grasp of enemies, and execute precision finishers on vulnerable foes—or even silently eliminate threats undetected.

Next-Level Realism

Refined Visuals: Powered by the RE Engine, the game renders hyper-realistic visuals in 4K resolution, with dramatic lighting and dynamic shadows, drawing players into an immersive and suspenseful atmosphere like never before.

Customization and Management

Enhanced Attaché Case: The iconic attaché case makes a comeback with fresh capabilities. Besides managing items and resources, Leon can now craft ammunition and personalize his case with new colors and charms to make it uniquely his.

Trade and Upgrade

Exciting Merchandise and Upgrades: Series fan-favorites, including the beloved Weapon Merchant, are revamped. Not only can Leon trade gems for various useful items, but he can also purchase and customize a diverse arsenal of weaponry.

Specification: Resident Evil 4 – PS5


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Resident Evil 4 – PS5


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