Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3 (NLR-M001V3)

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• European made, collaborative platform designed with top industrial motion engineers
• Custom built to exclusively move the seat, similar to the world’s most advanced and high-end motion simulators including CXC Simulations
• Offers fast and realistic movements using professional motion cueing profiles and software engine
• Compact design that fits within the existing Cockpit space without additional requirements
• Seamless usage with dedicated Next Level Racing Platform Manager Software, compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC with simple USB plug in; VR Headway technology integrated into the Platform Manager Software
• Employs passive and active cooling method with adaptive fan speed control to support more demanding applications without overheating
• Equipped with electromagnetic motor shaft brakes ensuring no movement when the system is turned off
• Comes with built-in power supply, featuring an active PFC function for protection against short circuits, overload, overvoltage, and overheating
• Incorporates acoustical panels to reduce operational noise, surpassing the V1 and V2 which were both known for being the quietest platforms on the market
• Max Angular Displacement for Pitch & Roll: +- 10°; Max Velocity: 20°/s; Max Acceleration: 360°/s2; Supports up to 130 kg or 285 lb. users

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Unsurpassed Realism & Precision

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 is the pinnacle of immersive simulation experiences. Designed for an unbeatable combination of precision, realism, and compatibility with VR technology, this platform takes your racing or flight simulation to heights of realism you have to feel to believe.

Stellar Pedigree

This professional consumer platform is not only popular among gaming enthusiasts worldwide but also trusted by academic institutions, military defense, and professional drivers and pilots. It is specifically engineered to move just the seat, creating a truly realistic experience that simulates g-forces with high fidelity.

Advanced Design and Engineering

Remarkably, the Next Level Racing Motion Platform’s design is such that it focuses on moving the seat alone. This concept is adopted by professional race car trainers and high-end motion simulators, including those from CXC Simulations. It effectively applies pressure to your body, replicating the sensation of real-world g-forces acting on you as you race or fly.

State-of-the-Art Software Support

Included with the platform is the Next Level Racing Platform Manager Software, a powerhouse of customization and compatibility. You can tailor every aspect of your simulation with a few clicks, including levels of motion, bumps, roll, and pitch. Plus, it offers VR headway technology for the best VR experiences.

European Quality in a Compact Design

  • Built to the highest standards in collaboration with world-class motion engineers.
  • The most space-efficient design, ready to integrate into your current setup.
  • Comprehensive cooling systems to handle demanding use in any environment.
  • Advanced electromagnetic motor shaft brakes ensure stability when powered off.

Quiet Operation and Powerful Performance

With inbuilt acoustical panels, the platform operates quietly, continuing the legacy of its predecessors known for their muted performance. It’s also incredibly strong, capable of supporting up to 130 kg or 285 lb., making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Angular Displacement: +- 10° for pitch and roll
  • Max Velocity: 20°/s
  • Max Acceleration: 360°/s2

Experience the thrill of extreme simulation with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 – a triumph of modern engineering dedicated to the most realistic simulation possible.

Specification: Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3 (NLR-M001V3)

Release date

January 1, 2020


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Product Dimensions

18 x 20 x 9 inches; 55 Pounds


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Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

55 pounds


Next Level Racing

Country of Origin


Date First Available

February 13, 2017


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Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3 (NLR-M001V3)
Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3 (NLR-M001V3)
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