Rust – Xbox One

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• Survive by overcoming thirst, hunger, and battling the elements
• Explore a vast and mysterious post-apocalyptic island
• Engage in intense PVE and PVP battles, choose to befriend or fight other players
• Craft weapons and secure yourself against hostile forces
• No prescribed regulations, allowing for covert or aggressive gameplay
• Traverse a world where every entity desires your demise
• Requires internet and Xbox subscription


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Rust offers an immersive, unforgiving world where survival is the primary objective. Your ingenuity and willpower are tested to the utmost as you face a multitude of dangers in a mysterious post-apocalyptic world. The unpredictability of the environment and interactions with other players create a thrilling and unique experience each time you play.

Main Objectives

  • Survival at Its Core: Manage hunger and thirst, withstand the harshness of the elements, and do whatever it takes to remain alive.
  • Creating a Safe Haven: From humble woodland shacks to imposing scrap metal fortresses, construct a variety of structures to shield yourself from danger.
  • Weapon Crafting: Forge an arsenal, ranging from makeshift clubs to high-powered rifles, to defend against man and beast alike.

Gameplay Features

Endless Exploration: Embark on a journey across the sprawling landscapes of Rust, filled with secrets to discover and dangers to overcome.

Player Dynamics: The choice of whether to be a lone wolf or a cooperative ally shapes your story. Engage in relentless player versus player combat or find strength in numbers as part of a clan.

Survival at All Costs

Rust is an environment where danger lurks around every corner. Whether it be the wildlife, the climate, or other survivors, every decision can mean the difference between life and death. Remember – only the smartest and strongest will be able to overcome the odds and come out on top.

Additional Requirements

Note: An internet connection and an Xbox subscription are required to dive into the world of Rust.

Specification: Rust – Xbox One


Brand: Deep Silver

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