Starfield Standard Edition – Xbox Series X & Windows 10 [Digital Code]

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• Customize your appearance and choose your background and traits
• Explore over 1000 planets in a vast and immersive universe
• Pilot and command your own customizable spaceship
• Engage in a deep and captivating narrative with endless possibilities
• Collect resources, build outposts, and craft unique items
• Experience intense combat with a variety of weapons and tactics
• Requires an Xbox Live account for download and installation.


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Embark on an unforgettable space odyssey with the Starfield Standard Edition, exclusively designed for Xbox Series X & Windows 10. This remarkable digital code unlocks a new universe crafted by the legendary Bethesda Game Studios, celebrated for iconic titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4.

A New Realm in Gaming

In 2330, steer humanity’s destiny as part of Constellation, an organization of space explorers unravelling the galaxy’s profound enigmas. Starfield invites players into a future where humans are an interstellar species, and exploration is not just a possibility but a way of life.

Your Journey Awaits

Your Story, Your Way. In Starfield, shape your own narrative. Craft your persona from scratch – choose your appearance, pick your background, and select traits to define your character’s journey. Whether you opt to become a renowned explorer, deft diplomat, or a cunning cyber runner, your decisions carve your path.

  • Customize your character’s look and attributes
  • Choose your own adventure through decisions and actions

The Greatness of Galactic Exploration

With over a thousand planets to explore, every corner of space offers boundless opportunity and danger. The game’s rich landscape includes:

  • Thriving space cities
  • Treacherous enemy bases
  • Untamed cosmic wilderness

Starfield immerses players in a universe filled with distinct factions, memorable characters, and daring quests.

Take the Helm

Commandeer your dream spacecraft in Starfield, where you’re not just a passenger but the pilot. Customize your vessel, from aesthetics to armaments. Allocate tasks to crewmembers to gain advantages in space confrontations, travel through star stations, or seize control of rival ships to expand your fleet.

  • Customize your spacecraft to reflect your style
  • Equip and upgrade systems for improved performance
  • Recruit crew for bonuses and special abilities

Innovation in Crafting & Combat

The universe is ripe for discovery. Gather resources to create essentials, from lifesaving medications to potent weaponry. Forge outposts, manage extraction operations, and utilize materials to propel research and innovation. The intricate crafting system allows for personalized gear and gadget fabrication.

With diverse planetary ecosystems come conflicts; thus, a sophisticated combat system is essential. Engage enemies using distinctive weapon types, exploit zero gravity for chaos, and leverage boost packs for unrivaled agility in battle.

  • Harvest resources from planets for crafting
  • Refine your combat style with customizable weapons
  • Experience the thrill of zero-gravity fights

To access and install the Starfield Standard Edition, an Xbox Live account is mandatory.

Key Features at A Glance:

  • Comprehensive character customization
  • Vast expanse of over 1000 explorable planets
  • Ship command and customization for personalized travel

Begin your space-faring saga today and carve your name among the stars.

Specification: Starfield Standard Edition – Xbox Series X & Windows 10 [Digital Code]


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Starfield Standard Edition – Xbox Series X & Windows 10 [Digital Code]
Starfield Standard Edition – Xbox Series X & Windows 10 [Digital Code]


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